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Established in 2002,Pujiang Yitong Plastic Electronic Co.,Ltd is China Hi-tech enterprise which produce thermforming plastic sheet for carrier tape and tray.To date,Yitong own the Chinese market share leader in electronic packaging material and has an wholly-owned subsidaiaries zhejiang Imin new material technology co,ltd.The diversified products inculding PS,ABS,PC,PP,TPV and etc.Offering customers innovative solutions and ideas,we trust Yitong is the name you can count on to handle your electronic packaging,automobile parts packaging and cosmetic packaging.Our strengthen products list: *Conductive HIPS Sheet *Antistatic HIPS Sheet *PS Clear Conductive Sheet *Conudctive PP Plastic Sheet...

Categories and Products

Thermoforming Plastic Sheets

PS Thermoforming Plastic Sheet

PS Red Long-Time Antistatic Plastic Sheet PS Natural Long-Time Antistatic Plastic Sheet Black Plastic Sheet 0.5mm Thick high impact polystyrene plastic sheet ABS Black High Glossy Plastic Sheet PS Natural Short-Time Antistatic Plastic Sheet PS Natural Plastic Sheet PS Natural Conductive Plastic Sheet PS Yellow Long-Time Antistatic Plastic Sheet PS Black Short-Time Antistatic Plastic Sheet PS Flame Retardant Plastic Sheet PS Abrasion Resistant Plastic Sheet PS Black Conductive Foamed Plastic Sheet PS Green Long-Time Antistatic Plastic Sheet Toughness Normal Antistatic Black PS Sheet PS Black Conductive Plastic Sheet PS Black Long-Time Antistatic Plastic Sheet PS Black Semi-Conductive Plastic Sheet Roll PS White Conductive Plastic Sheet PS Bule Long-Time Antistatic Plastic Sheet 

PP Thermoforming Plastic Sheet

PP White Short-Time Antistatic Plastic Sheet PP Mica Black Sheet For Louder Speaker PP Mica Grey Sheet For Louder Speaker PP Black Semi-Conductive Plastic Sheet Normal Antistatic White Polypropylene sheet PP Black Short-Time Antistatic Plastic Sheet PP Black Conductive Plastic Sheet PP Natural Short-Time Antistatic Plastic Sheet PP Natural Long-Time Antistatic Plastic Sheet PP Black Matte Plastic Sheet PP Black Thermoforming Plastic Sheet PP Black Long-Time Antistatic Plastic Sheet PP White Permennant Antistatic Plastic Sheet PP Flame Retardant Plastic Sheet PP Natural Plastic Sheet PP Black Conductive Foamed Plastic Sheet Normal Antistatic Natural Polypropylene Sheet Flame Resistance Black Polypropylene Sheet PP Black High Golss Plastic Sheet Insulation Transparent Polypropylene Sheet 

ABS Thermoforming Plastic Sheet

ABS Plastic Sheet .040 ABS Black Matte Plastic Sheet ABS Flame Retardant Plastic Sheet ABS Black Short-Time Antistatic Plastic Sheet ABS Black Conductive Plastic Sheet PC Flame Retardant Plastic Sheet Flame Resistance Normal Antistatic ABS Sheet ABS Black Semiconductive Plastic Sheet ABS Black Long-Time Antistatic Plastic Sheet Normal Antistatic Black ABS Sheet 

PS and PE Thermoforming Plastic Sheet

IXPE+PP Compound Plastic Sheet Insulation White Foamed HDPE Sheet PS+PP Compound Plastic Sheet PS/PE Compound Plastic Sheet 

TPV Sheet

Black TPE SHEET For Thermoforming Waterproof and ECOP-Friendly TPO Sheet Black TPV Sheet for louderspeak Thermoplastic Dynamic Vulcanizate Sheet 

Carrier Tape Raw Material

PS Sheet For Carrier Tape

PC Mono Layer Conductive Sheet PS Black Coductive Sheet for Carrier Tape PS Clear Sheet For Carrier Tape Normal Antistatic High Transparent Polystyrene Sheet Polystyrene Sheet For Carrier Tape PS Black Antistatic Sheet for Carrier Tape Antistatic Matte Transparent Polystyrene Sheet Conductive High Peel Force Black Polystyrene Sheet Antistatic High Transparent Polystyrene Sheet Permanent Antistatic High Transparent Polystyrene Sheet Antistatic Black Polystyrene Sheet Printing Antistatic Transparent Polystyrene Sheet Conductive Black Polystyrene Sheet Permanent Antistatic Matte Transparent Polystyrene Sheet 

ABS Sheet For Carrier Tape

PS Clear Antistatic Sheet For Carrier Tape Black Conductive Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene sheet ABS Black Conductive Sheet For Carrier Tape Normal Antistatic Transparent ABS Sheet Toughness Conductive Black ABS Sheet 

PC Sheet For Carrier Tape

Printing Antistatic Transparent Polycarbonate Sheet PC Multi Layer Conductive Sheet Mono Layer Insulation Transparent Polycarbonate Sheet Multi Layer Conductive PC&PC Sheet Mono Layer Conductive Polycarbonate Sheet Multi Layer Conductive Polycarbonate & Polystyrene sheet Multi Layer Conductive PC & ABS Sheet 

Cover Tape

Antistatic Heat Sealing Cover Tape Antistatic PSA Cover Tape 

Plastic Reel

ROHS Standard Antistatic Plastic Reel 

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